Antarez Audio is a professional recording studio located at the centre of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The studio was originally founded in spring of 2009 by talented engineer Iver Zhang. The concept of our facility is simple:

Be professional, be creative and be yourself.

We are committed to provide full service of excellent audio production. Our professionalism and attitude is the key to create outstanding musical masterpieces without any compromise. Furthermore, our comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff are always enjoyable. We sincerely invite you to visit our studio and join the growing numbers of satisfied customers in the near future and feel the refreshing musical experience with us.

Audio Samples

  1. Cold of You Chinatown Survivor 6:00
  2. Stoned Bad Johnny Law 3:23
  3. Sky is the Limit Rumba Sueno 3:57
  4. Yuan Zhang Yuchi 4:12


Antarez is a great local studio to record with. Professional gear, a great engineer who is passionate about music, and very affordable rates.

Brian Kerrigan Primal Leaf